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Nordic Extraterrestrial Assimilation Program – JP Update #30

On January 12, JP and three other soldiers were sent on a mission to meet with four Nordic extraterrestrials dressed in distinctive uniforms and with long hair. After their arrival, JP, the soldiers, and the Nordics traveled to a military facility where the four Nordics went inside. When they exited the facility, they had been physically transformed. Their hair was cut short; their clothes were now modern-looking jeans, shirts, and boots. Also, they now possessed official identity papers and passports.

JP learned that his mission was to protect the Nordics from their arrival up to their departure when they were taken to an airport where they would travel to distant locations as normal humans and not stand out in any way.

JP’s description of what can be described as a Nordic Extraterrestrial Assimilation program that is secretly being implemented by the military intelligence community is very similar to what contactees reported in the 1950s and 1960s, where they would help new Nordic ET arrivals assimilate into human society. This ad hoc assistance by the early contactees was now done in a far more comprehensive way due to secret agreements that had been reached between the Nordics, the US, and global leaders.

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