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Unveiling Catastrophic Disclosures and Moonquakes

Exopolitics Today Week in Review – Feb 3, 2024


  • Catastrophic Disclosure is Coming Despite Deep State Opposition – Trailer
  • Surge in Moonquakes – a sign of massive infrastructure projects or fighting
  • Additional 85 habitable exoplanets found by British PhD student – JWST will find signs of biosignatures and technosignatures
  • Creation of Space Arks and their History on Earth: Interview with Elena Danaan
  • Congressman Tim Burchett and disseminating disinformation. Congress and Academic UFO gatekeeping
  • Witness to Miami Mall Tall Aliens incident describes a glitch in the Matrix
  • Historic Satellite/radar tracking of city sized UFOs predates 1992 and 1996 reports
  • Hoaxing extraterrestrial sources is a common tactic in psyops – Val Nek
  • American beliefs about ETs yields surprising results about aliens among us
  • Nordic Extraterrestrial Assimilation Program – JP Update
  • Dan Willis on Psychological Operations
  • These and other stories on Exopolitics Today The Week in Review

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