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Remote Viewing Underground Bases, Extraterrestrials and Inner Earth Civilizations

John Vivanco has been a professional remote viewer for over 25 years and has gained highly accurate results that have both pleased corporate/government clients but also antagonized government agencies that did not wish a successful civilian remote viewing organization to exist. He has conducted hundreds of remote viewing projects on classified topics such as underground bases, extraterrestrial life, and inner-earth civilizations.

In his second Exopolitics Today interview, Vivanco discusses some of the extensive remote viewing he has done concerning underground bases at Mt Hayes, Alaska; Mt Zeil, Australia; and Antarctica. He also found an ancient underground facility in Antarctica at a set of geographic coordinates (78°51’15″S 160°17’55″E) given to Dr. Michael Salla by a US Army Insider, JP. He believes the facility is connected in some way to the Ice Cube Array at the South Pole, which is secretly used as a Deep Space communication device.

Furthermore, he discusses a remote viewing project concerning the Shroud of Turin, which was found to be an authentic record of an individual undergoing a rainbow body transformation. He believes this is consistent with historical data about the life and death of Jesus/Yeshua. The possibility that the Shroud of Turin would be used to validate a cloned version of Jesus/Yeshua generated through a classified program using DNA extracted from Jesus/Yeshua in a time travel experiment was also discussed.

Finally, Vivanco discussed the legendary Inner Earth city of Shamballa and how it exists in a temporal and high-frequency zone near the Earth’s core that cannot be accessed using conventional 3D technologies.

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