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Remote Viewing as an Accurate Intel Gathering Tool on ET Life & Technology: Interview with John Vivanco

John Vivanco has been a professional remote viewer for over 25 years and has gained highly accurate results that have both pleased corporate/government clients but also antagonized government agencies that did not wish a successful civilian remote viewing organization to be created. His accuracy led to him quickly becoming the Director of Operations of Trans-Dimensional Systems, one of the first civilian remote viewing think tanks to be created in 1997. Official repression, death threats, and harassment of Vivanco and Trans-Dimensional Systems’ founder Prudence Calabrese led to it closing down in 2003. However, Vivanco continued his remote viewing projects and, after a break of several years, created another remote viewing organization, Right Hemispheric, that still exists. He also hosts a popular online series on Rise TV called Chronicles of a Psychic Spy.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Vivanco discusses his background, early remote viewing projects, repression by alphabet agencies, and why a successful civilian remote viewing organization was considered a threat to the status quo. He explains the importance of blind protocols for ensuring teams of rebmote viewers can gain accurate results on targets. Vivanco reveals some of the groundbreaking remote viewing projects he has conducted on the “Skinny Bob” Alien video, the deep underground military base at Dulce, New Mexico, the pre-lunar history of our planet, the role of giants, and other exopolitical topics.

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