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Two Earths, the Nephilim and Overcoming Alien Manipulation: An Interview with Dr. Brooks Agnew

Dr. Brooks Agnew has traveled the world in search of archeological evidence and records about ancient Earth history that he analyzed in his four-volume book series, The Ark of Millions of Years. He has found that a race of extraterrestrials called the fallen angels in ancient texts, including the Book of Enoch, established a race of giants called the Nephilim who became a corruptive force in early human civilizations. He believes the Nephilim were not entirely exterminated in the Great Flood and made a come-back. They have ever since been agents for surviving fallen angels who manipulate humanity through war, religion, and corruption.

Dr Agnew asserts that four out of the original 200 fallen angels continue to operate on Earth in locations such as Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, Antarctica, the Middle East, and Asia. He has also researched Inner Earth literature extensively and concluded that an entryway can be found at the geographical North Pole. Finally, he believes that humanity will survive the efforts of the fallen angels through the Nephilim and corrupt human elites to manipulate them by no longer supporting endless wars and opting instead for global peace.

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