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Modern Evidence of Giants and Extraterrestrials in Ancient History – Its Relevance Today

LA Marzulli has conducted extensive fieldwork around the world investigating evidence of giants (aka Nephilim) being discovered and covered up in the US and elsewhere by powerful organizations such as the Smithsonian Institute. He cites historical texts showing that giants flourished in earlier human civilizations, especially a prediluvian world described in the Book of Enoch. He describes them as being the offshoots of genetic hybrid experiments involving extraterrestrials (aka Fallen Angels) and early humans.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Marzulli discusses how he developed an interest in UFOs after his first sighting at age 12 and how, as an adult, the book The Omega Conspiracy (2008) inspired him to dive deep into ancient and prophetic texts to learn the truth about UFOs. His research into the alien abduction phenomenon, as described by Dr. David Jacobs, has led him to the alarming conclusion that humanity is about to experience a life-changing event involving the appearance of deceptive extraterrestrials involved in a global genetic hybridization program. In the final segment of the interview, Marzulli and Dr. Michael Salla discuss the dynamics between a benign “Galactic Federation” and deceptive “Gray” extraterrestrials playing opposing roles in the global revelations that are about to occur.

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