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UFO Motherships, UAP Records Collection, Crushing USAF Innovation & Artemis Accords

Exopolitics Today Week in Review – Feb 10, 2024


  • Congressman Tim Burchett believes that crashed UFOs have been retrieved and studied, but they have not been successfully reverse engineered
  • Remote Viewing underground bases, ETs and Inner Earth Civilizations: Interview with John Vivanco
  • Historical photos of small UFOs entering cigar-shaped mother ships take on new significance.
  • Space Force sends its first Guardian into Space but is he truly the first?
  • US National Archives creates official rules for collection of UFO records from military and government entities.
  • Martin Scorcsese Superbowl commercial is predictive programming for alien invasion or new cosmic religion.
  • Weaponized Episode lays out solid case for Dr Sean Kirkpatrick’s sabotaging AARO during his tenure as its Director
  • Historical film of John Northrup’s B49 flying wing achievement and interest in UFOs corroborates William Tompkins testimony.
  • What’s Coming in 2024: Catastrophic Disclosure webinar now on Vimeo.
  • Huge ocean found under Saturn’s moon Mimas, corroboration of UN Diplomatic outpost there.
  • Does former NOAA Director, Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, belief in non-human intelligence derives from briefings about undersea ET bases
  • Greece becomes the 35th signatory to Artemis Accords further cementing US leadership in space affairs for decades to come

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