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JP Update 34 – Mission to Ancient Biodome with Extinct Plant Life

On May 30, 2024, JP, along with two military colleagues, were taken to a biodome in an unknown location. They traveled there via a large military base in Florida, which had a garage-sized white room with a portal doorway into the biodome. JP and his companions were first given a substance to drink that made them more alert and relaxed before entering the white room, which began vibrating. Once inside the dome, JP, along with a botanist and another soldier, traveled through the dome sampling different fruits and observing the plants, some of which could move like Venus fly traps to catch small prey. JP believed the biodome was located off-planet, possibly under the Moon.

The biodome was very similar to one JP traveled to on October 19, 2015, prior to joining the US Army. The 2015 dome belonged to a group of Nordic extraterrestrials suggesting a similar origin to the biodome he visited on May 30. The 2015 incident is described in Chapter 4 of US Army Insider Missions, Vol 1.

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