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JP Update – US Military working with Nordic ETs in Time Travel research on Space Arks

On June 23, 2023, JP, who currently serves with the US Army, was taken to an undisclosed location with five military personnel from different nations who were all multilingual. They met at the location with Nordic-looking extraterrestrials who worked with scientists to develop time travel technology. In the main room where the multinational team went, there were four time travel devices shaped like hemisphere tunnels with event horizons that would transport one to 2090, 2050, 1940, or 1550. JP said that the multinational team was interviewed about whether they would volunteer to travel to any of the time periods to conduct research on space arks. They were told that they would spend up to 10 years at the location and then be returned shortly after their departure, thereby not unduly disrupting their everyday family life.

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