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JP Update – Visit to Massive Spaceport under an unknown South Atlantic Island

On May 26, 2023, JP completed a mission to a massive spaceport located under an unknown island in the South Atlantic Ocean. He was taken there by a flying triangle (TR-3B) spacecraft from a US Navy ship traveling in the Gulf of Mexico. To JP”s surprise, he was accompanied by a close relative whose first name is Alex. JP and Alex traveled down an elevator from the surface to the spaceport he said was significantly larger than the spaceport he witnessed during his last mission to an area in the Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee region.

JP and Alex were involuntarily held overnight in a box before meeting with a 1200-year-old Nordic-looking member of an underground civilization. They were told about plans for the civilization to begin revealing itself more through its ships and bringing more surface dwellers down to its spaceport. JP was given a small crystal device through which he could see Earth’s future which featured futuristic cities in a pristine environment but with no Moon. When JP phoned his relative after the mission, the relative had no memory of the mission.

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