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How Extraterrestrials Use Slave Labor to build new Stars – Interview with Tony Rodrigues

In his newly released book, Project Starmaker, Tony Rodrigues discusses how extraterrestrials engage in star-making projects that are designed to build and ignite stars in gaseous nebula so suitable habitats can be created for life to flourish. He claims he spent ten years as a pilot on a star-making project as part of a deal negotiated between a German colony on Ceres and a distant extraterrestrial civilization.

Rodrigues describes the asexual extraterrestrial body his consciousness was transferred into for a ten-year period, where pilots and crews were little more than slaves commanded to perform tedious, repetitive work to find and build out sufficient mass from space rocks to create a stable star. This generated significant resentment and depression, not unlike the Igigi Anunnaki workers described in Sumerian texts and Dolores Cannon’s writings concerning asexual extraterrestrial workers revealed in past life memories. Significant parallels were also found in Rodrigues’ book and Norman Bergrum’s Ringmakers of Saturn when it comes to creating giant ring habitats around small stars.

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