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Children with abilities, CIA-run Black Budgets, Ancient Gods and the Multiverse

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – June 8, 2024


  • A new pro-UFO disclosure organization has been created with former intel/mil officials playing a prominent role.
  • Jean Charles Moyen has found old audio tapes from 1988 and 1992 where he discusses his extraterrestrial contacts and paranormal experiences.
  • Rep Anna Luna made very interesting comments about Congressional efforts to learn about UAP-related events at Eglin AFB and the role of Men in Black to stymie the investigation.
  • Trailer – Ancient ET Gods Among Us Today – Exopolitical Implications
  • Coast to Coast AM interview discussing Ancient Egyptian connection to extraterrestrials and what I learned from my recent trip to Egypt
  • Fascinating information about Clipper Mission to Europa, history of Saturn, ET-Earth Alliance trade agreements, black goo, Anunnaki, etc., in this latest edition of Elena Danaan’s Star Nations News
  • Golden Pyramids, Ascension and Human Liberation: Interview with Scott Lemriel
  • Update on the Atlantic Overwatch Project by Ruezo Zanrico who is analyzing ship activity near where the Atlantic Space Ark lies underwater.
  • Billy Carson nails it in his interpretation of the Sumerian story of Adapa in his interview with Joe Rogan
  • The recruiting of children with special abilities by the mil-intel community has been happening for many decades.
  • Duran Interview with Prof Jeffrey Sachs lacks exopolitical perspective
  • JP Update 34 – Mission to Ancient Biodome with Extinct Plant Life
  • Japanese lawmakers have created their own UFO study group to discuss UAP sightings as possible national security threats.
  • In his keynote presentation to Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, Ross Coulthart, an award winning Australian investigative journalist discusses his journey to accepting the reality of UFOs and a high level official cover up.
  • William Cooper’s claims in lectures he gave in the early 1990s about US govt and alien treaties were ahead of the times and widely debunked by most UFO researchers.
  • The Calvine UFO photo showing a 100 foot long diamond-shaped craft viewed by two British chefs in 1990 is very clear and has only recently re-emerged.
  • Human trafficking is a huge source of revenue for the CIA-run black budget that funds DUMBs and SSPs

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