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Shocking Evidence of Earth-Based Reptilians & Alien Technologies Revealed!

Exopolitics Today Week in Review – Feb 17, 2024


  • Corroboration found for 1999 contact case with an Earth-based Reptilian
  • 4k version of Cameron’s The Abyss coming on March 12
  • JP video on UFO released on his new YouTube channel
  • Exposing Deep State Psyops Hiding the Truth about Alien Life & Transformative Technologies
  • Recent whistleblower testimony confirms the existence of confiscated film footage of a UFO shooting down a dummy nuclear missile in 1964 over Big Sur, California.
  • Sol Foundation releases video presentations from its inaugural symposium held in Nov 2023.
  • Dr Hal Puthoff reveals how corporations take full control of retrieved alien spacecraft
  • UFOs have entered the Political and Entertainment mainstream
  • Space Force creates Space Futures Command that will partner with corporations in coming up with the best ideas on what technologies to develop
  • John Warner IV reveals UFO secrets Antarctica, the US MIC and Catastrophic Disclosure
  • Congressman sounds the alarm on an unknown national security threat in space
  • Jean Charles Moyen interviewed on George Noory’s Beyond Belief
  • Kerry Cassidy on the AI Alien Agenda and the Future of Earth

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