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The Solar Eclipse and Planetary Ascension, Plus Winston’s Churchill’s UFO Coverup

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – March 30, 2024


  • German Operation Paperclip Scientist says Washington DC UFO flyovers were non-human craft
  • Part 2 of ET Seeders, Space Arks and Great Reveal Webinar
  • April 8 Solar Eclipse passes over towns with biblical significance
  • David Wilcock on Solar Eclipse and planetary ascension
  • AARO office interviewed Michael Herrera but didn’t consider his testimony to be compelling
  • Winston Churchill’s UFO Coverup confirmed in declassified X-files
  • Aerospace Corp sets up rival space conglomerate to corporate signatories to Jupiter Accords
  • 2009 investigation of flying triangles by Ross Coulthart fails to mention TR-3B
  • A US military contractor finds anomalous military behavior in Atlantic Ocean that JP confirms is the location of the Space Ark
  • DARPA leads a 10 Lunar Architecture Capability Study that seeks to establish giant lunar infrastructure projects
  • Crypto Terrestrials Webinar now on Vimeo
  • Tall Blonde ETs tell Miriam Delicado about giant space arks in previous End Times
  • Why is NASA firing three rockets at the solar eclipse?

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Aerospace Corporation, DARPA, David Wilcock, Operation Paperlip, solar eclipse