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Now Available – Vol 2 – US Army Insider Missions

It has become clear JP, a soldier currently serving within the US Army, is part of a covert disclosure initiative to expose the public to the diverse projects involving “non-human intelligence” and exotic technologies that are known to the US military. However, in true military fashion this is being done in a way that maintains plausible deniability. As you will discover in Volume 2, almost all of JP’s missions involve “non-human intelligence” based on Earth in underwater or underground locations. This is a marked shift from Volume 1, which contained an even mix of off-planet and Earth-based missions.

After the publication of Volume 1 of this book series, JP reported that several officers approached him privately to congratulate him on the good job he has been doing and even asked for his autograph. Given that JP is only an enlisted serviceman, such recognition speaks volumes about the covert disclosure initiative that the US Army/Air Force is conducting through him. JP’s mission updates are essential first-hand eyewitness accounts by an active military serviceman describing what is happening in some of the most highly classified projects being conducted by the US concerning non-human intelligence and technologies.

US Army Insider Missions 2 – Underground Cities, Giants & Spaceports is 376 pages in length and is Book 9 in the Secret Space Programs Series and the second volume of US Army Insider Missions.


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About the Author: Dr Michael Salla is a former university professor in international relations and conflict resolution. He is the author of the Amazon best selling Secret Space Program book series comprising: The US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance (2017); Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs (2018); US Air Force Secret Space Program – Shifting ET Alliances & Space Force (2019); Rise of the Red Dragon: Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program (2020); Space Force Our Star Trek Future (2021); Galactic Federations, Councils & Secret Space Programs (2022); and US Army Insider Missions: Space Arks, Underground Cities & ET Contact (2023). He is also the author/editor of eight other books dealing with ‘Exopolitics’, International Conflict, U.S. Foreign Policy and Global Peace.

Volume 1 Now Available on Amazon

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