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Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – Oct 7, 2023

Week in Review Topics

  • Many evangelical Christians believe ETs are demons,
  • Elena Danaan webinar on organization of Galactics and their protocols,
  • Opposition in US Congress to passage of UAP Disclosure Act,
  • Congressman Matt Gaetz emerges as a strong supporter of UFO disclosure,
  • Vol 2 of US Army Insider Missions just released,
  • New documentary on David Grusch,
  • US Space Command expands cooperation with international corporations to create a Star Trek future,
  • Russia’s conventional Space Forces
  • Scientific American advises social scientists to take the UFO seriously,
  • New documentary on Elizabeth Klarer’s contacts with extraterrestrials from Proxima Centauri,
  • Washington Post article on David Grusch reveals CIA agenda.

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Aerospace Corporation, Elena Danaan