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The Roswell UFO Crash & Secret Reverse Engineering at Wright Patterson AFB

Donald Schmitt was initially skeptical of the truth of the Roswell UFO crash in July 1947, but after interviewing hundreds of eyewitnesses, he became convinced that the incident was genuine and involved an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Eyewitnesses included Walter Haut, the public affairs officer at Roswell Army Air Field, who released the initial news report about the crash of a flying saucer. Haut posthumously confessed that the US Army Air Force had covered up the truth about the extraterrestrial origins of the retrieved craft.

Pursuing the investigative trail further, Schmitt discovered that the crashed Roswell spacecraft was taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (formerly Wright Field) for secret reverse engineering projects. He explains how reverse engineering of retrieved alien spacecraft has been a top priority and has involved multiple military and corporate entities. Schmitt also worked closely with legendary UFO crash researcher, Leonard Stringfield who did more than any other researcher in interviewing witnesses about crashed UFOs.

Today, Schmitt is lobbying members of the US Congress to hold hearings on the Roswell and other UFO crash retrieval incidents and to disclose the truth to the American public. Donald Schmitt is the co-author of seven best-selling books dealing with UFO crash retrieval incidents and reverse engineering facilities.

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