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From UFO Crash Retrievals to Present Day Secret Space Programs

Learn how key historical events involving extraterrestrial visitation have led to today’s mindbogglingly advanced secret space programs. Find out who really controls Earth’s greatest military forces in space and their agenda for humanity. While society is in turmoil across the globe, are plans underway to steer events to assist or thwart the coming great shift in consciousness?

Multiple reports and documents concerning UFO crash retrieval operations date back to the World War II Era. The first documented UFO crash occurred in Fascist Italy in 1933 and was followed by Nazi Germany in 1937. The US had its own first UFO crash retrieval incident in 1941 and was followed by the Soviet Union, which had one in 1948. In all these cases, the military intelligence community of the country involved immediately began top secret study programs and reverse engineering efforts using select aviation companies. The official defeat of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy led to their UFO crash retrieval operations being taken over and repatriated by the victorious allied powers led by the US and Soviet Union.

Major countries involved in UFO crash retrieval operations developed strict security protocols for the retrieval, study, and reverse engineering of captured alien spacecraft. Individuals given access to these projects signed strict non-disclosure agreements and would be severely punished if they violated their security obligations. In the 1950s, agreements with extraterrestrial visitors allowed the US and USSR to make major breakthroughs in their reverse engineering efforts, leading to the first alien reproduction vehicles emerging in the late 1950s and early 1960s. By the mid-1970s, the US and Soviet Union had developed large cigar-shaped spacecraft and began cooperating in joint space operations. Today, the US and Russia have the largest fleets of reverse-engineered spacecraft and continue cooperating in space operations, but China is now rapidly catching up.

Join Dr. Michael Salla for an exciting deep dive into the history and evidence of secret UFO crash retrieval operations conducted worldwide, the subsequent reverse engineering projects that emerged at top aerospace facilities, and how all these culminated in secret space programs by major nations. These competing programs are a wildcard that can change our future with a command, but what command is SSP leadership waiting to authorize?

Recorded on September 30, 2023

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