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Ancient Aliens, Secret Societies, JFK & UFO Disclosure with Mike Bara

Ancient aliens visited Earth many millennia ago and genetically modified primitive hominids, according to former aeronautical engineer Mike Bara. In his first interview on Exopolitics Today, Bara discusses how he became interested in the UFO issue and ancient aliens due to his collaboration with veteran researcher Richard Hoagland in the 1990s, which culminated in their jointly authored 2007 book, Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA.

In their book, Hoagland and Bara expose the three main groups running NASA from behind the scenes: Magicians, Freemasons, and Nazis. Bara and Dr. Michael Salla discuss the respective influence of these groups on NASA and how NASA is a front for a secret space program using far more advanced aerospace technologies than rockets. Bara and Dr. Salla next discuss the President Kennedy assassination and how it arose from JFK’s desire to share UFO secrets with the Soviet Union in an effort to shake them loose from CIA control. Finally, Bara expresses his views on David Grusch and what lies ahead with the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023. While he believes UFO disclosure over the next six months to a year is going to be a muddled affair, Bara is optimistic that transformative changes are about to hit our planet.

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