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Exopolitics Today – Week in Review with Dr. Michael Salla – Oct 14

Week in Review Topics:

  • Famous 1964 UFO landing similar to US Army whistleblower craft in 2016,
  • 1947 Roswell UFO crash really happened,
  • Weekly Star Nations news report,
  • Congressman Tim Burchett interviewed by Shawn Ryan,
  • Azerbaijan becomes 15th signatory to China International Lunar Research Station project,
  • Steven Ben-Nur on Hamas attacks on Israel and feedback from a Galactic Federation High Commander,
  • Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection to be live streamed,
  • Non-human beings continue to be seen in Peru and are abducting people,
  • US Army Insiders Missions 2 reaches #1,
  • Dr Eric Davis debunks claims of successful reverse engineering of UFO craft,
  • Roundtable discussion of GSIC speakers,
  • Seymour Hersh on Hamas attacks,
  • Sasquatch-like creature seen in Colorado,
  • Ross Coulhart correct about consciousness UFO link.

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Hamas, Ross Coulthart, Roswell Crash, Seymour Hersch, Tim Burchett