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Ancient Pyramids are Communications Devices used by ETs according to Discoverer of Bosnian Pyramid

Dr Sam Osmanagich (Ph.D.) is an internationally recognized archeologist who discovered a large pyramid complex near the town of Visoko, Bosnia. In scientific tests he has conducted, Dr. Osmanagich found that the main Bosnian pyramid, the Temple of the Sun, transmits powerful scalar waves capable of interstellar communications. He has also found that the Bosnian pyramids are 33,000 years old and believes they were built by extraterrestrials who once ruled over humanity.

Dr. Osmanagich has traveled the world over the last 40 years researching pyramids and ancient artifacts that date back tens of thousands and even millions of years. He has found evidence of ancient aliens in many archeological sites that point to Humanoid, Insectoid, and Reptilian species, and long-forgotten interspecies battles for supremacy over Earth’s surface echoed in the Alien Predator series of movies.

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