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What’s Coming in 2023 Webinar – Now on Brighteon and Vimeo!

Thank you for all those that attended my What’s Coming in 2023 webinar, which gave a comprehensive overview of what to expect over the next 12 months in terms of extraterrestrial and secret space programs disclosure. Due to Vimeo’s censorship of the webinar trailer (click here for details), I have decided to start using Brighteon as an alternative platform for hosting my completed webinars.

Over the course of the next month, I will upload all my webinar recordings to Brighteon in case of any further censorship actions, which is increasingly likely as the UFO issue is elevated from a topic of general ridicule to a “harmful conspiracy theory” that allegedly promotes or incites violence, according to YouTube and Vimeo censorship statements on my banned trailer. Brighteon is a free speech platform that does not censor content. You can show your support by purchasing my webinar recordings from there and subscribing to my new Brighteon Channel.

The webinar was completed on February 18 and a replay is now available on several platforms in edited and unedited versions. The edited version has improved sound quality, additional graphics, the countdown is gone, and does NOT have the Q & A segment or the chat. For those that attended or watched the webinar, the unedited original recording with Q & A and chat will continue to be available in your Crowdcast account indefinitely. 

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Recording on Brighteon & Vimeo (edited version without Q&A)

Also on Crowdcast (unedited original version with Q&A)

Past Webinars

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