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7 Days to Orbs, Space Arks and Motherships Webinar

In his last two mission updates (see here & here), US Army insider JP has revealed critical information about hidden space arks releasing orbs that are performing vital functions for the future appearance of the arks buried all over the Earth. He has also described the self-defense mechanisms possessed by the orbs when under attack. Combined with what we know from contactee reports about Seeder motherships approaching our planet and also releasing orbs to monitor Earth’s situation, it’s no wonder that the Deep State has begun releasing its own orbs built by major aerospace corporations. The Deep State has initiated a disinformation campaign to confuse the general public when it comes to the true functions and purposes of the orbs that are being recorded all around the planet in unprecedented numbers.

The best way to combat a psychological warfare operation designed to confuse and distract us is to be better educated about the history of orbs, and their relationships with ancient space arks and extraterrestrial motherships that are approaching our planet. In my next webinar in seven days, I will cover the recent history of orbs appearing in the skies and what this portends for humanity today as we face unprecedented challenges as the Deep State makes its final desperate power grab to prevent humanity’s evolution into the galactic community. While the political and social situation looks bleak all around the planet, with the threat of an armed confrontation between major nuclear powers appearing imminent, the appearance of the orbs, in reality, represents a harbinger of what’s really to come.

Join me next Saturday as I present the truth about orbs and why we can be optimistic about the future and a White Hats/Earth Alliance plan to disclose what is really happening on Earth and in space. A Star Trek future awaits us! We just need to have the vision and right understanding to embrace it and thereby give birth to it.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Date: May 13, 2023, at 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time / 11 am Pacific Time

Length: 2 hours, plus 30 min Q & A

New Platform: Crowdcast

Cost: $35*

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