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A Lifetime Interacting with Angels, Demons and Aliens – Interview with Dani Henderson

At only a few months of age, Dani Henderson began a remarkable lifetime of direct experiences with angels, demons, and aliens. These different entities appeared in physical form to her due to her highly developed clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities, which enabled her to interact with them directly. These encounters included contact with a highly evolved extraterrestrial called Annax, who first appeared to her when she was only a few months old. Henderson’s advanced psychic abilities, however, also made her a target of demonic entities, including shape-shifting extraterrestrials that viewed her as a threat to their long-term interests.

In her new book, Angels, Demons and Aliens, Henderson discusses her lifetime of experiences with different kinds of entities, and the blessings and personal tragedies that have occurred as a result. In her second Exopolitics Today interview, she discusses key episodes from her book, including discovering different extraterrestrial contactees with whom she has had past-life connections. Finally, Henderson discusses multiple speakers presenting at the upcoming Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection conference that she has organized from October 20-22 in Orlando, Florida.

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