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Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – Sept 16, 2023


  • Space Warfighting Architecture,
  • Another David Grusch sit-down interview,
  • Elena Danaan Interview on the Anunnaki, Maui and Assassination,
  • Predicted Storm Activity on Mars,
  • Super Earth with ocean and atmosphere,
  • Sol Foundation,
  • International lawyer perspective on the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023,
  • Non-human mummies presented before UFO hearing,
  • Dani Henderson interview on new book and GSIC conference,
  • Inside the Nibiru mothership,
  • NASA releases UAP Report and holds a press conference on need for better data,
  • NASA Administrator declares no evidence of ET life and dismisses UFO conspiracy theories,
  • Nick Pope on UAP report,
  • House of Representatives will hold another UFO hearing,
  • Mark McInerney becomes NASA UAP Director,
  • Prospects of Space Cooperation between China and US look dim,
  • Tim Burchett reveals UFO cover up by Intel Community Inspector General

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Dani Henderson, David Grusch, Elena Danaan, Mark McInerney, NASA, Nibiru, Nick Pope, Sol Foundation, Super Earth