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Alien Gods in the Bible, Gog & Magog War & Arrival of the City of Jerusalem

Ella LeBain began experiencing alien abductions at two years of age and has since developed a life-long interest in studying UFOs, extraterrestrials, and ancient texts. In 1979, in Israel’s Negev Desert, she had contact with a celestial being who appeared to materialize out of the sun to meet with her, who called himself the Messiah. LeBain believes the being was Yeshua (aka Jesus), which led to her excommunication by her Jewish family. In 2010, she had a Near Death Experience, where Yeshua again appeared to her and told her to complete ‘his’ books. Soon after, she completed the first in a five-volume non-fiction book series entitled, Who’s Who in The Cosmic Zoo? A Guide to ETs, Aliens, Exoplanets & Space Controversies.

In her first interview on Exopolitics Today, LeBain compares Hebrew biblical texts and Sumerian cuneiform texts regarding the creation of humanity, human sacrifice, giants, and a council of gods/extraterrestrials associated with the rulership of humanity. She believes that the Sumerian deity Enlil and Draconian Reptilians are associated with the advocacy of human/animal sacrifice in the Bible and also in establishing the Islamic religion. She asserts that there is a supreme being presiding over a Council of 24 Elders governing extraterrestrial actions on Earth.

LeBain asserts that the current unfolding conflict in the Middle East is a fulfillment of biblical prophesy concerning a devastating End Times war where Israel is attacked by an alliance of neighboring countries associated with ancient territories called “Gog and Magog”, even if the war is being contrived by Deep State actors. She asserts that after undergoing the Gog and Magog war(s), where up to 2/3 of Israel’s population is lost, an extraterrestrial mothership called the City of Jerusalem will appear that is closely associated with a similar mothership that established the Atlantean civilization. Thus, it will usher in an era of peace and a new golden age for humanity according to LeBain.

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