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Escape from Area 51 & Forced Recruitment into the US Navy – David Adair Interview Part 3

In this third episode of the David Adair interview series, Adair discusses what happened at Area 51 after he left the large extraterrestrial spacecraft engine secretly carrying with him the engine’s consciousness or ‘katra’. He next describes how he destroyed his Pitholem electromagnetic fusion containment engine to prevent it from being used to create a first-strike weapon and how this enraged Dr. Arthur Rudolph.

During his 1972 High School graduation ceremony, Adair was taken by two black-suited men carrying a document that drafted him into military service. Adair was taken to a CIA facility where he again met with Randolph and was threatened with severe consequences if he didn’t agree to build another electromagnetic fusion containment engine. It took the arrival of General LeMay to have Adair freed based on him agreeing to never again build such an engine and to serve in the US Navy.

He first completed a four-year term of enlistment, specializing in the repair of jet aircraft engines, and reached the rank of E-4. He discusses the unusual circumstances that led to him being recruited to become a naval aviator immediately upon completing his first enlistment. Soon after completing naval aviator school and starting service as a young pilot on an aircraft carrier in 1976/1977, he was recruited by an admiral heading the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

Adair shares some of the incredible missions he conducted with ONI during his subsequent covert intelligence career. In all, Adair completed 20+ years of service with the US Navy. He shares details of being twice captured doing missions over Vietnam and also how he repaired a nuclear submarine on the verge of a meltdown.

Finally, he discusses incidents where he believes the Katra of Pitholem, the extraterrestrial engine he encountered at Area 51 that began using him as a lifeboat in 1971, was acting through him. He believes Pitholem was responsible for many of his incredible experiences and protected him throughout his naval career and the dangerous missions he completed, most of which remain classified.

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