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Mind-Blowing UFO Revelations: Secret Agreements, ET Contact Scenarios, The Week in Review – 12/23/23

Mind-Blowing UFO Revelations: Secret Agreements, ET Contact Scenarios: Exopolitics Today Week in Review – 12/23/23

  • Ukrainians establish beachhead at a village only a few kms from buried Space Ark at Oleshky Sands Nature Park
  • Billionaire elites are building doomsday bunkers to protect themselves from solar activity and Earth changes
  • Ashton Forbes offers compelling evidence over MH370 satellite video but questions persist on its legitimacy
  • US Space Command achieves “Full operational capability”
  • Exopolitics courses start on January 8, 2024
  • David Adair visit to Area 51 and interaction with ancient alien EM fusion containment engine
  • Combined Space Operations Initiative involves 10 nations
  • Announcement of ‘world first’ whale communication experiments overlooks precedents that were classified and weaponized by the US Navy
  • UAP Disclosure Act failed to be passed in Congress due to the miniscule support it had despite being sponsored by the Senate Majority leader, Chuck Schumer
  • Dr Steven Greer books offer great insights into reverse engineered extraterrestrial technologies
  • Activating superhuman abilities to deal with an ET controlled planetary simulation
  • Tucker Carlson explains that elements of US government have made contact and reached agreements with non-human intelligence
  • GSIC Conference announcement for 2024 in Denver Colorado
  • National Space Council meets to promote international space cooperation
  • German research study recommends humanity prepares for four scenarios where ET first contact is made.
  • Joe Biden signs into law the NDAA for 2024 that includes passages from the gutted UAP Disclosure Act

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