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The Connection between Sound, Chakra & Earth Activations with Extraterrestrial Contact

At age 4, Devara Thunderbeat had her first missing time experience, which she learned in 2004 through hypnotic regression with Dolores Cannon was a case of extraterrestrial contact. She has subsequently had transformative contact experiences with angelic beings and positive extraterrestrials, but has also interacted with negative alien species. She was told by these benevolent beings that her unique abilities to harness sound and light frequencies through her award-winning drumming and musical compositions would assist others and the planet to evolve.

Thunderbeat is native American through her mother and has become familiar with many legends of contact with the star people retold by tribal elders. She has visited multiple sacred spots around the world with Egyptian, Mayan, and Native American artifacts to hold activation ceremonies. In her first Exopolitics Today interview, Thunderbeat discusses her contact experiences and why she believes she is part of a galactic wide process to help humanity awaken and to facilitate the Earth’s ascension.

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