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The Links between UFOs, Ukraine, Israel-Palestine and a False Flag Alien Invasion

Former FBI special agent John DeSouza first became interested in investigating paranormal phenomena after experiencing an alien abduction incident when nine years old. During his 25-year FBI career, DeSouza investigated many paranormal cases, and his collection of true-life X-Files was used on the highly popular show “The X-Files.” In his book, The Extra-Dimensionals, DeSouza explains why we must progress beyond a purely materialist and scientific view of the UFO phenomenon, and instead view it as an interdimensional event requiring an interdisciplinary approach.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, DeSouza explains current world events in terms of a series of false flag events staged by a global cabal to bring about a Third World War. He explains how Ukraine and Israel/Palestine are the initial stages in this nefarious plan that next requires coordinated terrorist attacks on up to 17 US cities that will be blamed on Iran in order to trigger a US military attack and WWIII. He believes, however, that the majority of the US public will not fall for this plan, thereby triggering the cabal’s final card—a false flag alien invasion.

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