Sacred Encounters at Lake Titicaca – Repost

[Repost from] From Oct 18-25, 2008, I traveled to Bolivia to participate in a seven day retreat led by Luis Fernando Mostajo that was located at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. Fernando claims to have physically met with representatives of both the Confederation of Planets and with ‘Elders’...

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Political Spin and Extraterrestrial Disclosure

POLITICAL SPIN AND EXTRATERRESTRIAL DISCLOSURE – SHAPING PUBLIC OPINION FOR ‘FIRST CONTACT’ WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS © Michael E. Salla, PhD January 1, 2005 ************************************* Abstract There has been a worldwide...

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The Race for First Contact

The Race for First Contact – Shaping Public Opinion for the Open Appearance of Extraterrestrial Races   There has been a worldwide suppression of a secret extraterrestrial presence on Earth for at least 50 years from the general public and most elected public officials. The official...

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