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Exopolitics Today – Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – Nov 4, 2023

Week in Review Topics

  • Exopolitical State of the Planet Webinar
  • GSIC Roundtable Discussion
  • Interview with LA Marzulli – Nephilim, Ooparts, Reptilians & the Israel-Palestine Conflict
  • Star Nations News on the Hub, Negumak, etc. – Elena Danaan – Ep 2
  • The Hub and NASA announcement that humanity will never visit Jupiter
  • Ancient Tunnels under Gaza date back to Sargon of Akkad
  • Hollywood Disclosure Alliance – Genuine Disclosure or another CIA Psyop
  • AARO creates portal for govt, mil, and corp whistleblowers to disclose UFO info
  • Meme on Deep State controllers being magicians
  • Pentagon Press Conference for UAP reporting tool – David Grusch calls out AARO Director for lying about reaching out to him
  • Roundtable discussion on Remote Viewing with Tony Rodrigues, Elena Danaan, Alex Collier & Michael Salla
  • Discovery of White Hydrogen deposits excite scientists about new energy source
  • Sean Kirkpatrick about to be replaced as AARO Director
  • Netherlands and Iceland sign Artemis Accords
  • UK, joins Australia and Canada in not following US in disclosing UAP info – Deep State vs White Hats

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