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Roundtable discussion on Remote Viewing – Tony Rodrigues, Elena Danaan, Alex Collier & Dr Michael Salla

In this round table discussion, Tony Rodrigues explains his October 2023 field trip to investigate his memories as a ten-year-old when he was forcibly abducted and recruited into a secret space program. In 1982, he was first taken to Inyokern, California, adjacent to the US Navy’s giant China Lake facility, where he and other child abductees were subjected to MK-Ultra mind programming and trained in military-grade remote viewing. Rodrigues discusses what he found at the now abandoned Inyokern facility, where he discovered the mobile buildings where he had been held, tortured, and trained in remote viewing protocols.

Rodrigues further explains some of the FOIA documents he found about the remote viewing he was trained in at Inyokern, which was based on the US Army’s Grill Flame program. Elena Danaan and Alex Collier offered their insights into the capabilities and limitations of remote viewing when it comes to extraterrestrial civilizations. A key item of discussion is whether or not extraterrestrials can shield themselves from human remote viewers and whether they can project deceptive cover images.

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