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One Day to Go for Ancient ET Gods Among Us Today Webinar

As I complete my preparation for my webinar tomorrow on Ancient ET Gods Among Us Today, I’m struck by how similar historical events involving extraterrestrial visitors and ancient civilizations are to global events we are witnessing today. Many are aware of Atlantis and its destruction through the Great Flood caused by its imperial activities as described by Plato and others such as the great American prophet Edgar Cayce.

Enlightened Atlanteans, who were practitioners of the “Law of One”, as Cayce and others have described, escaped to Egypt and took with them their advanced knowledge and technologies. Most importantly, they continued to interact with extraterrestrials visitors who helped in the building of ancient pyramids and Halls of Records.

The Atlanteans and ET visitors were regarded as gods and worshipped by the Egyptian masses who were awed by the advanced technologies they possessed. Over the subsequent millennia, the Atlantean refugees and extraterrestrials created hybrids that came to rule over ancient Egypt, and eventually kingship was handed over to humans as described by historians such as Manetho.

Today, the United States is in many ways the national reincarnation of Atlantis and its recent history of imperial wars disguised as protecting and expanding democratic values all over the globe has eerie similarities with the final days of Atlantis. Many are deeply frightened by the prospect of a nuclear war breaking out between the US and Russia over the Ukraine war, or of a nuclear war erupting between the US and China over Taiwan.

However, there is much recent historical evidence that the extraterrestrials will not allow the global elite to manufacture a nuclear war, and this is something many contactees have also asserted. Our prospects as a planet are bright once we overcome the present bump in global crises contrived by the Deep State to bring about their End Times Gog and Magog war.

What will help us overcome these crises is to better understand the relationship between our history and the unique role extraterrestrials and Atlanteans played in establishing Ancient Egypt and how this is relevant to our current planetary civilization.

I look forward to presenting all my research on these complex topics and their exopolitical implications to those attending my webinar tomorrow. There’s still time to register and I hope you can join me.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.       

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