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The Secret History of Deep Underground Military Bases & the Great Awakening

Gene Decode (pseudonym) is a 20+ year US Navy veteran who served on five classes of submarines during his military career where he attained a senior NCO rank. In 1992 he had a Near Death Experience in which he received information downloads from the celestial realm about how Earth is run by dark forces, and also enhanced abilities such as remote viewing. He soon after retired from the US Navy and has ever since been researching anomalous phenomenon and exposing the elite groups, both human and extraterrestrial, secretly running our planet.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Gene Decode discusses his naval background and a detailed paper he wrote about the history of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), and the key figures involved in revealing the truth. He is optimistic that despite the long control global elites (Deep State) have had over our planet using DUMBs and other extraterrestrial-related resources, the truth is being slowly revealed through the great awakening that is happening in the US and around our planet.

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