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Pentagon Tries to Hoodwink Congress over UFO Whistleblowers Plus, the Shocking Execution of an Extraterrestrial Contactee

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – March 23, 2024


  • The Pentagon/AARO office and the US Congress/ODNI have starkly contrasting positions between on UFO whistleblower testimonies
  • Remote Viewing of German mystic Maria Orsic reveals her execution by the Soviet military at end of WW2
  • Jean Charles Moyen’s South Shore Origin 2 released with English dubbing
  • Phil Schneider 1995 lecture revealed aliens abducting humans for adrenochrome trade
  • Aerospace Corporation leading 30 companies in DEI initiative involved in monitoring and smearing a prominent extraterrestrial contactee
  • Elena Danaan reveals organic consciousness powering the Moon and 17 stasis pods with crew relocated to the command and control center
  • FOIA document reveals standardized military reporting mechanism for UAPs linked to Majestic Document
  • Chris Mellon’s Politico article frames the UFO issue in a manner that dismisses most whistleblower and contactee reports
  • Interview with Dani Henderson where JP contact experiences are discussed
  • British special forces involved in UFO crash retrieval operations
  • Compelling historical evidence presented that retrieved alien spacecraft have been successfully reverse-engineered
  • A Hill article shows how AARO’s historical UAP report mirrors what was done to Project Blue Book 70 years ago.
  • European Union Parliament holds a meeting on UFO reports.
  • One Day to Crypto Terrestrials Webinar Announcement

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