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WHY Crypto Terrestrials Matter Today: One Day to Webinar

Much recent attention has been placed on the UFO phenomenon as a possible national security threat by public officials and prominent scientists. This attention has led to the US Congress and other national legislatures investigating the possibility that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth in advanced spacecraft, some of which have been covertly retrieved after crashing and are being secretly reverse-engineered. Given the recent surge in scientific interest in off-world alien visitors due to the discovery of distant exoplanets, it’s easy to forget that there are numerous historical reports of intelligent non-human entities emerging from Earth’s vast oceans and subterranean regions with advanced flying technologies. Not all non-human UFOs come from distant exoplanets.

Crypto terrestrials receive very little attention from public officials and scientists because they primarily appear in ancient myths and legends and strange encounter stories by individual witnesses of mysterious Ant-People, Aquatics, Reptilians, Bird-people, Sasquatch, etc. Yet these Crypto terrestrials, according to historical reports, have played critical roles in helping humanity develop advanced technologies in historical ‘dark ages’, helping surface humans build prosperous civilizations, and dealing with destructive Earth changes that leave little evidence of prior surface civilizations.

A common thread I have found in investigating legends of ancient non-human civilizations hidden beneath the Earth’s surface is that these have often been described as giving surface humanity wisdom and technologies in times of significant planetary change. This is precisely the right time when we would expect such crypto terrestrial beings to emerge as our planet is teetering on the edge of great changes due to myriad global problems. Yet where are the crypto terrestrials?

There have been multiple eyewitness reports of these crypto terrestrials and how they are quietly interacting with individuals and military forces to help surface humanity prepare for what’s coming.

In tomorrow’s webinar (March 23), I will give participants a detailed look at the different crypto terrestrial civilizations that have been secretly interacting with humanity for millennia, what they have done, and what they are doing today to help us prepare for the global changes that lie ahead. There is still time to register.  I look forward to sharing with you what I have learned about ancient crypto terrestrials and what they mean to us today.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Date: March 23, 2024

Time: 11 am (PDT), 2 pm (EDT), 6 pm (GMT)

Cost: $35*




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