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RETRIEVED Alien Spacecraft have been Reverse Engineered despite claims to the Contrary

Dan Willis presents a historic overview of UFO related events, whistleblowers and witnesses supporting the view that retrieved alien spacecraft have been successfully reverse engineered for decades by different governments starting with Germany in the run up to World War II. This view is contrary to recent claims made by several prominent whistleblowers and scientists that retrieved alien spacecraft have not been reverse engineered due to their complexity and difficulty of understanding the advanced science and materials behind them.

Willis discusses the pioneering work of Maria Orsic, Nikola Tesla, W.O. Schumann, Otis Carr, William Tompkins and others who achieved significant breakthroughs in the design, development, or construction of reverse engineered alien spacecraft. Willis contends that these technology breakthroughs have led to secret space programs whose existence continues to remain a highly classified secret. He discusses the alleged difficulties in reverse engineering projects asserted by Bob Lazar, Dr. Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson as part of a limited hangout being perpetuated on the American public. Finally, he discusses the possibility of a false flag alien event being orchestrated for political purposes in the run up to the 2024 US elections.

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