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Superhumans, Consciousness and ET Contact: An Interview with Caroline Cory

Caroline Cory had her first experience with extraterrestrial life at age five and has since interacted with multiple off-world civilizations, both positive and negative. She has explored the potential of meditation and human consciousness, and produced award-winning documentaries investigating the topics of Superhumans, expanded consciousness, and alien contact.

In ET Contact: They Are Here – The Science of Contact (2019), she interviews eyewitness accounts of extraterrestrial contact and expert testimonies on the science behind such interactions. In Superhumans (2020), Cory uncovered the incredible potential of children taught to perform routine tasks of reading, walking, and even riding bicycles while fully blindfolded, and the amazing applications this has for remote viewing.

Cory’s most recent film is A Tear in the Sky (2022), where she employed three camera crews to videotape Tic Tac-shaped UFOs and a giant portal in the sky, further information about which the US military has classified. In her first Exopolitics Today interview, Cory discusses her remarkable contact experiences and how these propelled her on a film career dedicated to exploring the unlimited potential of human consciousness and contact with off-world civilizations.

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