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Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – Nov 11, 2023

Week in Review Topics

  • US Congress House Oversight Committee members going to a SCIF to David Grush’s Report to Inspector General
  • Public AI Arms Race overlooks classified AI R & D
  • Elena Danaan on Starseeds/Envoy Program and Death/Reincarnation Traps
  • Accidental Truth and UFO Revelations – An Interview with Ron James
  • Chris Mellon presentation covers recovered UAP materials
  • Tim Burchett interviewed about official pushback and UFO secrecy culture
  • Dr Sean Kirkpatrick to resign as AARO Director after drawing criticism for his gatekeeping
  • How China’s development of AI Robots relates to concerns by ET life over synthetics
  • House of Reps passes an amendment to have David Grusch’s security clearance restored
  • A lucid dreaming device has been development that echoes past life memory machine
  • Superhumans, Consciousness and ET Contact: An Interview with Carolyn Cory
  • 2nd Mexico Congress UFO hearing is held with experts validating Peruvian mummies
  • Timothy Alberino returns from Peru with an investigative report on alien sightings
  • Anglo-Saxon Report reveals British/ET agenda for a WWIII emanating from Iran
  • Dr Sean Kirkpatrick is making surprising admissions in his final weeks as AARO Director

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AARO, Caroline Cory, David Grusch, Ron James, Sean Kirkpatrick, Timothy Alberino, Timothy Burchett, US Congress