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World War III or ET Disclosure – What Path Will Humanity Take?

Human consciousness is quickly rising during these End Times bringing with it the last grasping effort by the Cabal and their Reptilian overlords to prevent extraterrestrial disclosure and humanity’s awakening by a contrived World War III. Humanity has a critical choice to make, allow itself to be manipulated into another devastating World War that involves nuclear weapons or welcoming extraterrestrial disclosure and the release of transformative technologies that would bring. 

This is the trailer to Nov 25 Webinar: “The Exopolitical State of the Planet: The Ukraine & Israel-Palestine Wars, Manufacturing WWIII, the Battle over Consciousness & Extraterrestrial Disclosure.” To learn more or register, visit:

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Much appreciation to Angelika Whitecliff for editing and co-narrating this trailer. Special thanks to Jas Marlin for the final video production.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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