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A Brief History of the French Secret Space Program – An Interview with Jean Charles Moyen

In this interview, Jean Charles Moyen, who was recruited into a joint US-French secret space program in 1990 when he began serving as a military conscript, answers questions about the origins and history of this highly classified program. He asserts that high-level technology exchange agreements between the US, Britain, and France that were reached during the Second World War continued after the War’s conclusion. These agreements led to the secrets of flying saucer technologies acquired by covert US crash retrieval teams being shared with the UK and France.

This cooperation resulted in French scientists coming up with their own flying saucer and triangle-shaped prototypes that were successfully tested and built. Some of these triangle craft were seen in the famous wave of UFO sightings in France during 1990. The triangle-shaped antigravity craft were incorporated into the ‘Solaris’, the flagship of the joint US-French secret space program. Moyen describes the multinational and extraterrestrial composition of the Solaris crew and the time he spent on it during his 20 and back program. He finally explains how his “20 and back” on the Solaris was illustrated in his most recent fiction based on fact movie, South Shore Origin 2.

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