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Return of Ancient Aliens, Giants & UFO Disclosure is Underway Claim Veteran Researchers

Drs. JJ Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak have for five decades studied UFO reports and confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials and higher dimensional beings (aka celestials) interacting with humanity. They describe how ancient aliens (aka creator gods) played a role in genetically engineering modern humans and giants, and how pyramids played a critical role in the ancient world.

JJ Hurtak’s 1973 book, The Keys of Enoch, describes 64 keys that are required for humanity to be prepared for integration into a galactic society. Understanding ancient technologies and pyramids, and learning about extraterrestrials living among us are all important steps in our individual and collective awakening to the greater cosmic reality around us. The Hurtaks’ also describe their private meetings with William Tompkins in the late 1970s, who revealed the existence of a US Navy-run secret space program that extraterrestrials had helped design. They finally describe the existence of a Galactic Federation that is assisting our planet to prepare for extraterrestrial disclosure.

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Dr. JJ and Desiree Hurtak are the founders of the Academy for Future Science (website is here) which explores new scientific ideas and contains some of their publicly available research including their most recent co-authored book Giza’s Industrial Complex (2019).

The Keys of Enoch and other books are available here.

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