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40 Years as a Diplomat in a United Nations Secret Space Program

Chris O’Connor claims to have completed three “20 and back” tours of duty with secret space programs including one run by the United Nations. He says that it all began with his birth into a normal human family as a “starseed” as part of a pre-life agreement between the US Navy/Air Force and his extraterrestrial family. In 1970, at age 2, O’Connor claims he was “age-progressed” to 25 years old where his past life memories as an extraterrestrial were fully restored. He believes that his genetics and consciousness as a starseed helped ensure the success of the newly formed Navy/Air Force secret space program (SSP).

After serving for 20 years in the US SSP performing security related duties, O’Connor was allowed to became a liaison/ambassador for the United Nations SSP. In this interview, he discusses with Dr. Michael Salla the formation of the United Nations SSP that emerged during the run up to the end of the Cold War in the 1980’s, which is best evidence by speeches from President Ronald Reagan urging nations to cooperate in facing an extraterrestrial threat. Apparently, Reagan’s exhortations, while publicly dismissed, were taken seriously behind the scenes and secretly implemented. The UN SSP formation was a direct factor that led to the Cold War’s end.

According to O’Connor, the United Nations SSP had three outposts: one around Jupiter; another on Mimas, one of the moons of Saturn; and finally one around Neptune. He say in 1990, he began serving at Mimas UN outpost, where he conducted diplomatic negotiations with many extraterrestrial civilizations. He asserts that many negotiations involved exoplanet populations that had been negatively impacted by human SSPs such as the Dark Fleet. He claims that during his down times, he toured Mimas’ futurist space facility and stayed in a stasis chamber so he could better handle the eighth density energies of the facility.

In this interview, he discusses how he and Jean Charles Moyen, who served with a joint US French SSP recognized each other when they first met in October at the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection conference in Orlando. In a stunning corroboration, Moyen says that he and his wife, Melanie, remembered seeing O’Connor while he was lying in stasis during his first 20 and back on Mimas from 1970 to 1990. O’Connor says that he currently is experiencing two timelines as his third “20 and back” tour of duty completes in 2030.

He discusses his memories of participating in diplomatic negotiations conducted in 2021 for the handover of Anunnaki control over Saturn to the Earth Alliance. He recalls meetings involving a tall being that he believes was Enki (aka Prince Ea), which supports Elena Danaan’s claims of diplomatic negotiations for the handover of former Anunnaki facilities on Saturn to the Earth Alliance. Finally, O’Connor discusses his involvement in an extraterrestrial disclosure plan that was handed over to the Earth Alliance at the Raven Rock Mountain Complex in January 2023.

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