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A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon on Colonization of Pleiades & Earth Liberation

Topics: How ETs colonized the Pleiades, their system of governance, relations with other ET groups, and helping the liberation of Earth

In a communication with Thor Han Eredyon through Elena Danaan on July 7, 2023, Dr. Michael Salla asked a series of questions about the colonization of the Pleiades by human-looking extraterrestrials (Ahel), their historical relations with different extraterrestrial civilizations, the Ahel system of planetary governance, and how they are currently assisting humanity liberate itself from negative extraterrestrial groups and their former human minions (aka the Deep State).

Thor Han describes how the Andromeda Council assisted the Ahel and other human-looking ETs in making the Pleiades constellation their future home. The Ahel reached agreements with the Anunnaki (Anakh Empire) that were nominally in control of the Pleiades and formed an alliance with the Anakh Empire. Thor Han describes how the Ahel never had a similar problem to Earth in terms of a corrupt global elite forming a Deep State since their energy signature was easily recognized by the Ahel, especially highly evolved individuals referred to as Elders (aka Ascended Masters).

Thor Han describes how the Ahel first arrived on Earth during the Atlantean era (Atlaa) and established good relations with the Anunnaki’s Enki (Ea) faction. The Ahel established a small colony before the destruction of Atlantis and the subsequent dominance by the Enlil (Yuh) faction of the Anunnaki over Earth affairs.

Thor Han next responds to questions about the contemporary era on Earth, starting with the Ukraine conflict, and describes how despite mainstream media narratives, a major war will not happen involving superpowers. He says that an Earth Alliance is in control behind the scenes and steering the Earth towards disclosure of extraterrestrial life and technology.

Thor Han answers questions about how US Space Command is at the core of an Earth Alliance responsible for managing our solar system due to the 2021 Jupiter Accords. He responds to questions about an apparent conflict between the head of NORAD/Northern Command, General Glenn VanHerck, and Space Command over which US Combatant Command is responsible for tracking extraterrestrial spacecraft traveling to and from space into hidden US spaceports. Thor Han also responds to questions about time travel, orbs, space arks, and many other issues.

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Due to poor audio quality from highway travel, a transcript of the interview has been provided in the video and below

This interview is the first of a two-part series that will be published on Exopolitics Today.

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Interview Transcript


Key – MS: Dr. Michael Salla – TH: Thor Han Eredyon (Relayed through Elena Danaan)

TH: Hi, Michael.

MS: Hi. Thank you for answering my questions. I would like to begin with a little bit of history of the Ahel and how they started their colony on their planet. When did that begin?

TH: Oh, you want to know our history?
MS: Yes.

TH: We started in the Man System, in the constellation formed in the sky, named by you, Lyra. After our star system was attacked by the Ciakahrr forces, we migrated to different parts of this galaxy. It was a diaspora. We arrived in the Pleiades, which was an ancient project for terraforming. The stars there were very young. There were no planets, no worlds to settle on. We resumed the terraforming procedure on the Ashaara system that you call Taygeta, but we were not the only Ahel colony in this galaxy, in this sector of the galaxy. We terraformed planets around Ashaara and occupied all of them. We were not on our own, only Ahel. There were also Taal. Is that answering your question?

MS: Thank you, yes. So how was your community led? How were the first Ahel led? What kind of political system did they have? Was it a democracy? Was it a kingship?

TH: We had a monarchy on our home world, Maya. Then we changed. We kept the monarchy family, and we changed to a more people system that you call democracy. With the government and the council, the royal family still remains to this day, having a part to play in the great council of Ashaara. Every planet in our system has its own government, and there is a greater council for the Ashaara system.

MS: During your establishment of a colony in the Taygeta system, did you run across other civilizations like the Anunnaki or the Draconians?

TH: The Old Empire had possessions everywhere. Pleiades were within the custody of the Anakh Empire, but there wasn’t any problem to settle there. The Anakh Empire didn’t look for conflict. We could settle there and have our own new territory within the Anakh Empire. We didn’t meet Ciakahrrs. We did not come across Ciakahrrs while settling in Ashaara and other star systems. In Manahu, that you call Pleiades, Ciakahrr came after. We managed to take them out and keep them at bay.

MS: So, has the relationship with the Anakh Empire remained constant? Have you had any changes in the relationship? Like with them having beings like Enlil becoming more aggressive or expansionist?

TH: Enlil was never focused on the Pleiades. His focus was on the Galactic Sovereignty regarding the Sol System. We were never in trouble with Enlil. The Anakh Empire protected us. We were far from what was happening on Terra. Although in the vicinity, we were not concerned by the events on Terra.

MS: When you say the AnaKh Empire protected you, was it because they had superior technology or because they had superior magic or occult abilities?

TH: Because we were on their territory. It was like a sort of allegiance if you will.

MS: An allegiance, right, an alliance. 

TH: An alliance. Alliance is right word too.

MS: What was the relationship with the Andromedans? Did you meet the Andromedans before your colony, the Errahel, found the Pleiades, or did the Andromedans play a role?

TH: The Zenae helped us. They were not involved with our diaspora, but they helped us settling in Pleiades. We always had a good relationship with this older organization, that is the Zenatean Alliance or as you name it, the Andromedans Council. We always had good relationships with them. They are much older than us and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They do not seek conflict. They do not seek to get involved in conflicts, not physically, but they will act from behind. They are a spiritual, wise organization. It gathers the most advanced races in this quadrant and some other parts of the galaxy, that gathers people with a high level of spiritual evolution. We are like brothers. We look after each other.

MS: With the monarchical system that currently exists in the Pleiades, in the home world, Erra, how are the monarchs chosen? And how is there a family, a royal family? What kind of power and influence did they have?

TH: It is hereditary. The influence and power now is very little. In the past, when we were living in Man, the power was everything. When we migrated with a few members of our royal family, the power became less. We decided to change the structure of our political system, to be more adapted to a coexistence with other species and other cultures. Pleiades are all inhabited. I cannot say the number because it changes. A lot of different cultures.

 MS: Did the Errahel ever have a problem with the Deep State or with an Illuminati faction, or a group that was associated with black magic?

 TH: They hate us because we see them. We have this particular ability to see through them. Then they hate us. When they capture us, they try to know how this ability works, how it is structured in our brain. As many other human races, advanced, we can see through the darkness. We have had many problems with the evil faction of the Anakh Empire, led by the son of the High King, Yuh. He focused his attention on Terra, but we were never welcome.They hated us, Errahel from Pleiades. Especially when we decided to create the Galactic Federation of Worlds. It was a common creation with many cultures, but we led it. We […] a project outside in the councils. Because we never wanted this to happen again, when the Man system was invaded by the Ciakahrr Empire and destroyed, taken over. We wantted to create an organization that woud gather cultures. We would protect each other, and support and assist each other, and put in commun all our forces. So that when something happens somewhere, we can defend each other. And Yuh hates this. The Anakh Empire never cared about the Galactic Federation of Worlds; it wasn’t their story. They didn’t care. They didn’t fight. But Yuh hates the Federation. Yes, we always had problems with Yuh regarding the events around Terra. Not in Ashaara, not in Manahu; Pleiades as you named them.

 MS: So with the Errahel homeworld, is there a presidency? Is there something like a federation of different nations, and how are leaders elected or chosen?

 TH: There is a council that gathers representatives of each of the […]. Five representatives per […]. And this council takes decisions for the whole Ashaara system. We are unique to Ashaara. Every star system has their own structure. The decisions are taken first on the planet by the people, and submitted to representatives of different geographical areas, for each planet in the Ashaara system. Each geographical area, with number depends on the size of the planet, each geographical area has representatives. You would call it “governor”. The governors go to the council and the council of the planet decides and when the council of the planet has decided, they refer to the higher council of Ashaara. Then, it is voted. […] as fairly as we can. The royal families are two in the Ashaara system: the Errahel descended from Ahil, and the Taal.They both have different bloodlines. We are brothers with the Taal. We are very much united in spirit and in politics. I am not mentioning the separatist faction that went to Jahia that you call Alcyone. Decisions are voted. This is how we do it. It takes time but it is the fairest way of getting things done.

 MS: When did the Pleiades or the Errahil first established contact with humanity on Earth? Was it before the Anakh Empire began their genetic experiments or after?

 TH: We arrived on Terra when you had a civilization that was blossoming: Atlaa, held by a good faction of the Anakh Empire and the Intergalactic Confederation. We arrived there and had a colony settling in Atlaa, we were very welcome. We were brothers with them, in spirit. Not in blood; in spirit. This was the first time when we arrived on Terra and left a colony there. The colony didn’t remain long because Atlaa was destroyed by the negative faction of the Anakh Empire: Yuh.

 MS: Have the Errahel ever had anything like, here we call them ascended masters, or masters of wisdom, beings that excel in high degree of cosmic unity or oneness? Have these beings played a role in the Errahel society or colonization efforts?

 TH: We have such persons and it occurs more often than it occurs on Earth-Terra. These people among us generally form a council. They would choose to join the councils. We need them in the councils but many of them join seminaries, places where they teach. Sometimes, they teach for a period of time and then they retreat, and they will teach again for a period of time. They are Elders. We call them “Elders”. It is welcome that they come with us on missions and explorations, we have them one on each ship. If we can, if it is possible. They are the Elders, they can transcend densities. We can see them as transparent sometimes, but we feel them. They can take solid matter whenever they want. They are very special. They have achieved the evolution of consciousness but with more […].

 MS: Does Ea or Enki, does he… what can of role has he played with the Errahel historically?

 TH: He protected us when we were on Terra. He always was curious about our society. We reverred him as king of Atlaa. Our colony was under his protection. We were in good terms. I wasn’t part of the Errahil, you understand, when I was in Atlaa. I wasn’t incarnated as an Errahel. I was incarnated as an Altean.

 MS: When did the Alteans and the other members of the Intergalactic Confederation made contact with the Errahel colonies in the Pleiades?

 TH: In the Pleiades, in Manahu, the Intergalactic Confederation was coming sometimes, sending Envoys and messengers, to visit us, and sometimes they have helped terraforming our worlds because they have this knowledge, more than […]. But they didn’t stay. Sometimes they would come, and they would go, and come again, millenia after. We always were in good terms. The Intergalactic Confederation, and as you name the Alteans specifically, never interfered in the development of a culture. They always observed, watched how the culture would evolve. You know, in our star system, Man, the original star system in the constellation that visually you name Lyra, we were created, seeded first, by the Intergalactic Confederation. We were the root races of all the humans in this galaxy. They Alteans and the Intergalactic Confederation decided to conduct two more experiments. Terra was one of them. The other experiment is in the opposite quadrant of this galaxy. On Terra, the Intergalactic Confederation decided to conduct an experiment that would be unique. Not one root race per world, but one race that would gather many other root races in their genetics. This was new. This was an experiment and it was very precious. In the Pleiades, Ashaara system, we were root races and we still are root races. Taal are unimportant and very widespread root race for humans in that galaxy. Ahil, not that much.

 MS: After the destruction of Atlantis, which we date to approximately 9600 BC, and the rise of the Sumerian civilization in 3800 BC, were there any other great civilizations on Earth that existed or established contact with the Errahel?

 TH: Are you speaking about the period before Atlaa was created?

 MS: After Atlaa was destroyed and before the Sumerian civilization began, there seems to be a big gap in our history from around 9600 BC to around 3800 BC, that very little is known what existed there, some is speculation. So do you have any information about this period?

 TH: You need to understand that these were dark ages where the planet was very much damaged. The sky was toxic, the air was toxic, the land was not ready to be worked. No one was there to help re-terraforming the planet. Yuh had made of this world a hell, inhospitable world. So populations, when they came back to the surface, they strived to survive. There wasn’t any significant civilization but many small centers of civilization, that were not qualifiable as civilizations but more as communities, gathering of humans who tried to get together. But Yuh and his forces were there, stopping them, tormenting them. He was angry at them. He didn’t want any civilization to strive. Until he took the decision to set a system, that would allow civilizations to grow but under his control. He would grow civilizations as you grow a forest, as you plant seeds, and he would control them entirely through to this day.

 MS: So after the destruction of Atlaa and Atlantis, one area of all this, if you can explain this, on the one hand, Ea and his scientists escaped or went into hibernation. But then, with the creation of the Sumerian civization in 3800 BC, we hear of some cities were under the control of Enlil, some cities under the control of Enki, and other entities that were both with the positive and negative factions. So can you explain, with the Sumerian civilization, each city, who was in control? Was it just other different Anunnaki fighting amongst each other for control and influence of the Sumerian civilization?

 TH: These records are more ancient than Atlaa. What has survived in the area of Mesopotamia are the memories of ancient fights. The cities were rebuilt and the people kept the memory of the ancient gods, as they called them. It will be Ea to tell the story. But I can assure that the cities were rebuilt and the civilization grew again under the protectorat of the… Ea needs to say this.I will say it as well. Yuh had total control over Mesopotamia after the great disaster.

 MS: I’d like to talk now about the present era on Earth. Right now there is this great conflict in the Ukraine. So how much of that conflict is due to this space ark in the area of Ukraine called Kherson?

 TH: Yes. The ark is not the totality of the reasons for this conflict. The Ark was something that everyone wanted to own. Now it is in good hands but this is not the main problem. The other problem, which is the first source for this conflict, is the deep underground laboratories and slave facilities. Also the making of weapons. There is a very big factory of weapon making in the deep underground. Technology, very harmful, that has been retro-engineered. This was a problem. It was a big nest for the Dark. We, as allied with the Earth Alliance, have been working with Putin to eradicate these practice, to cleanse these undergrounds. This is the main action. That the Ark was there, also, it was a challenge. The Deep State as you name it, always wanted to have this technology, and they set their laboratories around the place where the Ark is, trying to study it. They had their team around it all the time. They were looking for the right DNA. They never found it. Once they found a man, a Russian man, who had the right DNA. They used him to get the technology to work. But they killed him because they used him in the wrong way. Too much, intense. He died. This man is not known. He was captured. They are looking for others. They were looking for others. For now, the problem is secured. This was the reason for the conflict.

MS: Something that many people are speculating about is why has it taken the Russian military so long to defeat the Ukrainian military, which is much smaller. So is this because there were many super soldiers and clones and artificial life forms acting as special forces, working with the Ukrainians, that helped them in the war against Russia?

 TH: It was strategical. You know, they owned deep underground facilities. These are like labyrinths. This is very difficult to take. The Earth Alliance had tremendous difficulty to get to only an area. For sure, the deep, dark forces in this underground had conducted experiments in the laboratories. The laboratories were not only to conduct experiments, also to manufacture deadly poisonous diseases. Yes, they engineered life forms that were a byproduct of human, organic life forms. These are not humans. They are very tall and they are engineered synthetic life forms from human DNA. They had help from Yuh’s factions; the knowledge of genetics to engineer these creatures. You can name them super soldiers. It took very long because as long as Yuh was in power on Terra, he supported all the armies of your enemies. When he was taken from Terra, things accelerated. Things accelerated until this is sorted. It will be soon over. Do not listen to what the mainstream information is telling you. This is not how it looks like. The forces of good, the Earth Alliance, are having the hand on this area. There is less conflict than you are shown. The conflict is lesser. There is more control from the good side, as you name it. It will be soon over. The mainstream information is telling you that there will be a big war. This war will not happen. They want to focus your attention on creating this war, on creating the frequency of conflict. They manipulate people of Terra by making them believe something emotionally imprinting your reality. And you make it happen. You entice it. You create the frequency. Millions of people create the same frequency, a thought-form that imprints the reality. And then it influences the people of the area your mind focused on. And the people in the area makes the conflict happen. This is how they operate. Believe me, the conflict in Ukraine is lesser than you are shown.

 MS: There are many people that believe that we are just witnessing a political show to wake up people that are still asleep. And that Donald Trump still has a lot of power behind the scenes as the true President or Leader of the United States. Who does the Federation recognize as the legitimate leader of the United States?

 TH: If you speak to your audience on your media, I do hope you will not attract troubles. We recognize Trump as an ally. We have always used him, worked with him. He is special in his ways. We do not agree with his way of living all the time. He is a human. But we helped him get all the power with the timeline war. We helped him. He has a very close ally, physically with him. She is part of the Federation. She helped him on our behalf to secure the timeline. We needed him because he is not interested in personal power. He is not part of what you name the Deep State. Although he is a human with flaws, it was the best solution because he is not seeking any more personal political power. He wants the good for humanity despite his personal choice for his life. You understand, we do not support everything he has done regarding his life. But we have helped him get all the power because we needed someone like him.

MS: So this Professor Haim Eshed who said sometime in 2020 that President Trump was working with the Galactic Federation…

 TH: That was correct.

 MS:And that the Federation said that the time was not yet right for disclosure because the technology still was not advanced enough on our planet. So all of that is correct, and that still is correct? We are still technologically not yet ready?

 TH: Haim Eshed was correct but he didn’t say it exactly how it is. At the time he said it and this is worth for today. The technology is not ready because it is retained from you. You should have this technology. But if it is given back by the dark ones to you, they will use it as well openly. There is also another dimension Haim Eshed never spoke about because he was afraid to be judged on this, and that it would take away from his credibility. This is the consciousness aspect of this issue. Humanity’s consciousness of Terra is still tamed down to un-knowing, to un-awareness, and we are working very much on getting the most humans as possible of Terra to unlock their consciousness and their awareness. This is the work of the Envoys and the Contactees. Haim Eshed was correct on everything. He could have spoken more but he was cautious. He wanted to remain credible so he said very little, and also we are working. We have been working with him. Now we leave him in peace. We have been working with him. Then always we told him not to speak. He spoke when he spoke, with power avail. And all was monitored. Humanity of Terra needed to become aware of certain aspects, especially before the problematic events of the United States triggered with fake elections. They needed to know who he is working with who.

MS: Recently we have had a whistleblower come forward, David Grush, who has revealed information about corporations building or working on captured alien spacecraft. Are his revelations part of this plan that was given to General VanHerck in January of this year?

TH: I cannot speak about this topic but I can tell you that everything this man said is correct. Only he commented on his way of thinking which is also part of the plan. He commented that “Galactics are a threat”. You know, when you play a card in a game as you play on Terra, you need to be very clever. I cannot comment more on David Grusch.

MS: I have just released an update from my Army source JP who says that he went to a facility where there were four time travel devices. One to the year 2090, one to the year 2050, one to the year 1945 and the other to the year 1550. Do you know anything about who is working with the military in developing and using those time travel devices and what is their objective?
 TH: This is us. We are working with the Earth Alliance and certain aspects of the military. Your contact JP is working with the good side and he is used to reveal the truth. These time devices, we have helped the military to develop that because the other side was developing also, Nebu technology related to time travel. You know it has been a time war. And we have helped our friends, our allies on Terra. They are key points in anchoring a timeline. You do not anchor a timeline just on one point but on a web of many points, like a mesh if you want. These dates, are dates in the past and in the future of this timeline, to make sure it is anchored and to make bridges, to create, “quantum” as you name it, links to anchor the timeline. Things are going to change, and these particular points, they are points of weakness, they are bifurcations of time. Time, as you know, is not linear. It is not ephemereal or abstract;  time is something that has no value in the absolute. It is a web like a grid, if you will, and each point on the grid are bifurcations. We need to secure them.

MS: JP has talked a lot about the orbs being released by the space arcs, that are monitoring our planetary situation and seeking the crews of the space arcs. How long will that process continue for, and when can we expect the space Arks to appear or will something else happen before they appear?

TH: These Arks, these ships, are technology very much wanted by what you name the Deep State. When the crews are made known to the audience of the public, well they will be in danger if the Deep state is still in power. Of course, they hold a little power still. Because I will tell you: they are not in complete power anymore; they are dying out. Their power is fading. So I do not give a date precisely when the Arks will be validated to be activated. We are not the ones to decide. You understand, this is not our technology. This is the Intergalactic Confederation and the Anakh technologies. So we do not know, as the Federation, when they will decide to activate them. You need to ask Oona, she will know more. We know their plans, but what they think they do not always tell. You know, they oversee us. They do not always tell us everything that is in their plans. We have, as I would say, more reasonable relationships with the Envoys of the Anakh Empire in this star system. The Alteans and the others often change their thought. They have their own council and they will decide and let us know.

MS: At the Jupiter in Accords in 2021, it appeared that a decision was made that the United States Space Command would play a leadership role in coordinating all of the nations on Earth in relations with the Galactic Federation, Andromeda Council, and other civilizations. Does that situation still continue? Is Space Command at the core of the Earth Alliance?

TH: Yes this situation continues through to this day. There has been since, many struggles for power because Terrans are Terrans. They lack of wisdom, they need to develop their wisdom. Your military spirit has been trained to obey orders, and seek for competition and power games. This is not really good. So, power struggles have occurred since, but the structure in itself is still stable. No one has changed their mind. The Accords haven’t been rescinded or changed.

MS: Is an example of this power struggle the one between General Glen VanHerck, head of northern Command and NORAD, with the Space Command where he was very critical of the power that Space Commands believes it has in space affairs, and nuclear affairs. Would that be a good example of this power struggle, even within the United States military?

 TH: This is to me a good example. I haven’t meet Dickinson; I have met VanHerck. VanHerck is a very proud man, he likes to control everything. He is very good for his position. This is why he has been chosen. You need to understand, when these men arrive at such a responsibility, they are chosen for their skills of power, wanting power, wanting to control everything. They are despicable at keeping their positions. They are ready to do anything to keep their positions of power. They forget about humility. They forget about their equality to other human beings, but this is why they are chosen. The empathy is very weak. I met VanHerck, he is a very proud man and very efficient in his work. This is why he was chosen. And I can understand struggles for power, but this is ridiculous; they should all work together. We tried to advice them, they do not listen. They need to work together. These two organizations are meant to work together. These human games should stop.

MS: So my final question is: on Earth, we have a tradition of ascended masters working behind the scenes to improve the destiny of our world. Do these ascended masters play a role in these events that we are discussing, such as the agreements between the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance, of the appearance of space arks?

 TH: The decisions are made politically, they are made by military and councils. There are what you name ascended masters on your planet as well. They do not take part in the political decisions but they are holding behind the scenes the frequency of the planet. The frequency of the collective unconscious of your people. They will not present themselves at the councils, but they are here, helping your species on Terra. On our world, on Erra, they are part of councils, because the structure of our councils is ready to accept this type of character, of persons. On Terra, this is not yet ready. I know you have other questions about what you name ascended masters. These are humans who have reached the achievement of knowing who they are. Their consciousness is connected directly with the 13th density of consciousness, and they can connect upward frequencies and downward frequencies. One day, most of your species on Terra will obtain, will reach out to this state of being. You will be masters and teachers for many other cultures. This is who you are meant to be. When Oona speaks about the experiment too me, she emphasizes on this aspect, that they made these humans for one day to be great teachers in this galaxy. They will join membership with the Andromedan Council that we name Zenatean Alliance. And they will be great teachers. Ascended masters are for the moment, for the time being on Terra, a differenciation term or title. Soon it will be the norm for most of humanity of Terra. This is what you become, when you are free from your chains; you ascend into the higher frequency of consciousness of who you are.

 MS: Those are the questions I have. Do you have any, Elena, to ask?

 ED: No, I liked to step back and I don’t have any further question.

 MS: Well thank you Thor Han for answering my questions, I very much appreciate it.

 TH: We will do this again, throughout your journey on these lands. I enjoy very much watching through Elena’s eyes, and listening sometimes. She knows I am listening. We will have this conversation again before she leaves you physically. If you wish so.

MS: That would be wonderful and an honor.

TH: Have a nice journey to your destination, Michael. I will watch over you from above. I am delighted to do so.

MS: Thank you.

TH: I will now close the communication, and speak again very soon.

Ahel, Earth Alliance, Elena Danaan, Pleiades, Thor Han Eredyon