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Contriving a Cryptoterrestrial Threat – Exopolitics Today Week In Review – Anniversary Edition

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the Week in Review

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – June 22, 2024

• Anniversary Edition of Exopolitics Today – The Week in Review
• Dr Gary Nolan’s advocacy of the scientific method and dismissal of anecdotal evidence overlooks important distinction.
• Armenia is the 43rd nation to sign the Artemis Accords and while it doesn’t have a space program its rich history and genetics will benefit NASA.
• Alex Collier’s June 14 webinar gives lots to contemplate in terms of where we are going as a planet and challenges that lie ahead.
• Why is the US Congress passing bills necessary for reinstating the military draft in the US?
• Summoning ETs, Out-of-Body Experiences & Consciousness Travel to the Stars: Interview with Dr. Franceen King
• Galactic Federation message relayed through Elena Danaan discusses how the disclosure of the Solar Warden space fleet is going to happen
• The Crypoterrestrial Hypothesis is very plausible and needs to be understood from the perspective of ancient civilizations hidden underground and underseas all over the Earth.
• First public UFO lecture by the legendary test pilot John Lear in 1988 explains how he got interested in UFOs but has glaring omissions.
• JP has uploaded a new video to his YT channel giving more details of his Sept 2016 encounter with Lovent who appeared out of an egg-shaped ship that landed near his home.
• The Sasquatch are depicted as enigmatic, powerful, menacing and linked to UFOs in an interview featuring Steve Isdahl from How to Hunt YT channel.
• Uncovering the Agendas of Angels, Demons & Aliens in the World Today—Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection 2024
• Group of scientists and researchers seeks access to Vatican archives on the UFO phenomenon.
• Linda Moulton Howe podcast discussing hostile alien races operating under the Earth’s surface coincides with a recent paper by Harvard professors on the Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis.
• UAP whistleblowers are facing “brutal” retaliation from the defense and intelligence community. Col. Karl E. Nell is one of them.

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