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Dyson Spheres, Russia-US Collaboration and Galactic effort to raise Humanity’s Consciousness

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – May 18, 2024


  • “More info on US Army Insider Missions Volume 1 by JP
  • Dozens of possible Dyson Spheres discovered all over our galaxy.
  • Did Russia and the US collaborate in developing Modern SSPs? – Webinar Highlights
  • Jason Sands, a 22-year USAF veteran, discusses an attempt to recruit him for a UFO crash retrieval program
  • Lue Elizondo believes that his UFO disclosures have made him a target for covert assassination.
  • Haim Eshed’s claims about a Galactic Federation are not crazy according to Harvard Astronomer
  • World Religions and Extraterrestrial Contact – Part 1 of 2022 Webinar
  • important insights into how dark magic is used by elites to control the world. “Ritual Magic: In Your Face
  • Lithuania becomes the 40th nation to sign the Artemis Accords taking us a small step closer to a Star Trek Future.
  • Latest effort to pass UFO-related legislation in the US has two major flaws.
  • Video tribute to the different contactees, ground crew and extraterrestrials involved in the galactic effort to raise humanity’s consciousness
  • Field research in Egypt finds evidence of ETs interacting with humanity in Temple Academies

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Avi Loeb, Dyson Sphere, Haim Eshed, Jason Sands, King Charles III, Luis Elizondo, Russia, secret space programs, UAP Transparency Act