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Pilot Flying Saucer Training, Prophecy & War, Plus FBI files on ET Babies

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – May 4, 2024


  • Nicaragua becomes the 10th country to join China’s International Research Station initiative
  • JP Update 33 – Nordics Training International Military Pilots to fly Flying Saucers
  • History of Inner Earth civilizations and their meeting with ETs in the Himalayas in late 2023
  • FBI file has statement about Nikola Tesla being dropped off as a baby
  • News article offers important perspective on UFOs coming from inside the Earth.
  • Much interesting info in the latest Weaponized episode with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell.
  • James Fox stands by the integrity of Jason Sands as a UFO witness despite his claims of being in a 20 and back program.
  • Marik Von Rennenkampff article on the Pentagon lying about UFO sightings shows despair among many researchers over recent pushback against official disclosure initiaitves.
  • Nazi Germany used a Global Network of Tunnels to create a 4th Reich with Flying Saucers
  • In his 1987 interview with George Knapp, John Lear shares what he learned from his research into UFOs and much of it is very relevant to recent disclosures.
  • Was Edgar Cayce’s Prophesy that Russia would be the Hope of the World against the Sons of Belial just Fulfilled? – One Day to Russia SSP Webinar

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