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Ascension vs Integration – Gods, ETs and the Omniverse: An Interview with George Kavassilas

George Kavassilas experienced his first extraterrestrial contact experience when only 7 years old. The trauma he suffered from Gray aliens and experiences in the subsequent years with different Gray humanoids left a profound mark on him. In 2003, he had a radically different kind of contact with what he described as his extraterrestrial family that was very benevolent. The experience was incredibly uplifting and transformative, and led to him accepting a position as an Ambassador for one of the Galactic organizations interacting with humanity. He subsequently, met with prominent political leaders in the US and Australia interested in meeting and communicating with the positive extraterrestrials.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Kavassilas explains how he came to understand three levels of imposition on humanity by extraterrestrials and their human minions during his contact experiences. He discusses these different levels and how humanity is better served following another path to the hierarchical systems disseminated by different extraterrestrial organizations, both benevolent and malevolent.

Kavassilas emphasizes the benefits of understanding the fractal nature of the universe and how an individual soul is capable of integrating with the Omniverse is a way that is unique to humanity. He distinguishes the path of Integration, which he calls “the journey home” with the path of Ascension, which he believes to be yet another hierarchical system promoted by those wishing to establish a new cosmic religion with some extraterrestrials posing as gods. Kavassilas’ views on the soul, ascension, the chakra system, and the journey home are both provocative and essential to understanding the big exopolitical picture confronting humanity.

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