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Was Edgar Cayce’s Prophesy that Russia would be the Hope of the World against the Sons of Belial just Fulfilled?

In 1935, Edgar Cayce predicted that Russia would be “the hope of the world” by freeing humanity from the modern-day incarnation of the ‘Sons of Belial’ that had previously brought about the destruction of Atlantis. Known generally as a Satanic Cabal, Illuminati, or the Deep State, the ‘Sons of Belial’ have manipulated humanity throughout the ages by contriving international conflicts to bring about major destruction through economic collapses and major regional wars.

We know from the testimony of General Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, that in September 2001, the Deep State planned to bring about the destruction of seven Middle East countries: Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iran.

The planned destruction of these seven countries was revealed to be part of an insidious Deep State plan to manufacture a major regional war involving Israel and its neighbors, which would suck nuclear superpowers into opposing sides of a Gog and Magog End Times war.

The Deep State plan called for the destruction of Syria, but one major nation intervened to challenge this plan – the Russian Federation under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. Further Deep State machinations involving Ukraine and Iran have also been neutralized by Putin’s Russia, thus dashing the prospects of an End Times Gog and Magog war.

April of 2024 was the month when the planned war with Iran was to break out, happening after Israel’s unprecedented strike on an Iranian embassy compound in Damascus, Syria. Like a bad omen, Israel’s strike and Iran’s expected retaliation coincided with peak sunspot activity in our solar system. On April 13, sunspot activity passed 120, and from April 17 – 25, there were over 200 daily sunspots. Studies have shown that major wars consistently breakout during peak sunspot activity.

On April 14, during this peaking of sunspot activity, Iran retaliated against Israel with an unprecedented direct drone and missile strike. Five days later, Israel retaliated with an unprecedented direct drone and missile strike on Iranian territory.  Fortunately, Russia intervened to play a critical role in ensuring that Iran constrained its responses to Israel’s attacks, thereby preventing a major regional war from erupting.


Importantly, positive extraterrestrial groups have been aiding Russia to deal with the advanced technologies used by the Deep State in making and conducting its plans. Russia also possesses a very capable, if small, secret space program that it has been using very effectively to neutralize the Deep State’s moves. And finally, Russia’s elite PSI Corps continues to play a critical behind-the-scenes role in anticipating and neutralizing Deep State activities.

In my webinar on Saturday, May 4, I will discuss these world-shaking events in detail, how they relate to the emergence of Russia’s Secret Space Pprogram, its elite PSI Corps, relations with non-human intelligences, and how Russia became the final obstacle to Deep State global plans thereby fulfilling Cayce’s 1935 prophesy.

I hope you can join me in an exciting and hope-filled webinar.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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